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Good-Bye SAP Design Guild.
Hello SAP User Experience Community!

SAP User Experience Community

We would like to inform you that editorial work for the SAP Design Guild Website ended at the end of November 2013. The site itself will remain available as a useful resource for a – yet to be determined – amount of time.

We would like to say Thank You and Good-Bye to our visitors – See you at the SAP User Experience Community!

Featured Recent Additions

Final Editorial: Thank You and Good-Bye! In his final editorial, our author would like to say good-bye in a personal style by reminding you of how the Website came into existence and by reviewing some of the characteristics that made up the SAP Design Guild Website's personality.

Book Review: Information Visualization, Third Edition This is our author's final book review for the SAP Design Guild Website, and perhaps not surprisingly, it's a book about information visualization, namely the third edition of Colin Ware's classic textbook Information Visualization: Perception for Design. The subtitle already indicates that this book differs from other ones on this subject matter: The characteristics of human visual perception build the fundament of the book – and of the guidelines that it provides for designers in its most recent edition. Thus, potential readers should be prepared for the book's unique approach to the topic.

Book Review: Microinteractions In the recent past, our author has reviewed books written by designers that were devoted to the task of designing the "big problems" or rather, tackling them with designerly methods: Nelson's & Stolterman's book The Design Way and Guenther's book Intersection. The latter approaches the (re)design of large enterprises. In this review, he is confronted with more or less the opposite position: designing the "small things." Dan Saffer calls the small things microinteractions, which is also the short title of his new book (Microinteractions). The book's subtitle, Designing with details, proclaims that, in this approach, details matter. Here, designers focus on the details and design them with care.

Evolution of SAP's UX Strategy For one year now, SAP has been running a work group which is working intensively on SAP's user experience strategy. The resulting UX strategy was defined and published in April this year and after another round with the work group has now been updated with a new iteration that is presented in this article.

Highlight Topic Information Visualization We continue the tradition of publishing highlight topics on the SAP Design Guild Website with a collection of articles focusing on the topic of information visualization. This emerging field has recently attracted a great deal of attention in the world of design – reason enough to highlight it on the SAP Design Guild Website.

Recent UI Design Blinks

November 22, 2013: Thank You and Good-Bye! In October 2010, I eventually came to the conclusion that I ought to join a trend which, at the time, was no longer really new – and publish a UI design blog. I already had some experience with writing blog-like articles, because, between 2005 and 2007, I had published an internal SAP design blog. However, with hindsight, the new articles, called "SAP UI Design Blinks," were often much longer than what you would rightfully expect from a blog...

November 20, 2013: A Lesson from Colin Ware's Book Information Visualization Information Visualization, Third Edition: Perception for Design by Colin Ware was the last book I reviewed for the SAP Design Guild website. In the final chapter, I hit upon a surprising figure for the capacity of our long-term memory, which inspired me to remember my roots in physics and attain a perspective based on the powers of ten.

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