SAP Learning Hub

SAP Learning Hub is a cloud-based solution that provides instant online access to the vast knowledge base from SAP Education with no need to schedule or travel to training. You get fast, easy access to all our latest learning materials for training when you need them. SAP Learning Hub can be purchased for a single user or many thousands of users - it is the perfect way to build and maintain SAP skills.

This cloud-based learning platform provides access to more than 3,000 training titles, along with Learning Rooms focused on our top curricula and SAP Live Access, which provides access to live training systems for hands-on practice -- all for one attractive subscription fee.

SAP Learning Hub delivers role-based learning and performance support materials that are always available when and where you and your company's workforce need them:

  • Helps superusers, key users, and end users operate SAP solutions successfully and retain solution knowledge
  • Maximizes training budgets and provides year-round, on-demand training
  • Unlimited 24x7 availability of online learning materials
  • Easy access to comprehensive content in handbooks and e-learning products
  • Cloud-based subscription frees you from IT infrastructure, reduces costs

We update SAP Learning Hub content libraries continually and the content is available in a number of ways:

  • Social learning: A dynamic global community of learners, instructors, and subject matter experts
  • Handbooks: Easy-to-consume how-to content in flipbook format
  • E-learning: Interactive, multimedia content, assessments, and guided procedures
  • Live access: Optional live access to training systems that help you hone skills
  • SAP Ramp-Up program: First-level product training, including the latest on new releases

SAP Learning Hub is available in three editions: the professional edition, user edition and student edition. Each edition exists in a public cloud version or customizable private cloud version. If you'd like to learn more about it, you can register for the free discovery edition which allows you to view a limited version of SAP Learning Hub to discover the value and benefits of a subscription. Read more